Vidhayak Sansad(VS) was established in 1979 to support the development of marginalizedcommunities in rural Maharashtra. The organization’s programs and campaignsemphasize:

  • 1) Universal education
  • 2) Organizing the rural poor for their rights
  • 3) Women’s empowerment
  • 4) Training in human rights activism
  • 5) Economic development

VIDHAYAK SANSAD works in close coordination with its allied trade union,Shramjeevi Sanghatana, to reach the most neglected and abused sections ofsociety, including tribals, dalits, impoverished women, and children. Toachieve its objectives, VIDHAYAK SANSAD’s activities include:

  • 1. Organizing the oppressed and exploited sections of society around issues ofserious concern
  • 2. Creating awareness about rights to education, health, security, and land
  • 3. Building economic development programs that address the livelihoodchallenges of exploited communities
  • 4. Empowerment through training in community organizing, advocacy, and legal procedures.
  • 5. Waging public advocacy campaigns

VIDHAYAKSANSAD’s work fills in the gaps where government fails to deliver, whilesimultaneously pressuring authorities to fulfill their duties. It emphasizesthe development of self-reliance and empowerment among the rural poor alongsideeffective government intervention. Drawing on its twenty-nine years ofexperience, VIDHAYAK SANSAD regularly updates and transforms its programs tomeet the evolving needs of Maharashtra’s rural poor.