Eradication of Malnutrition

Objectives of Vidhayak Sansand for Malnutrition

- Assigning Health workers
- Malnutrition Eradication Training Camp for Surveyors
- Malnutrition Eradication Family Survey (Basic Survey)
- Training Camp for Health Workers
- Training Camps for AASHA Workers, Aanganwadi Volunteers, Helpers and Mentors
- Awareness Camps for Adolescent Girls, Pregnant women, Lactating Mothers and Malnourished Children
- Awareness Gatherings,Meetings, Seminars
- Awareness for the Banon Child Marriage
- Child Care Awareness
- Feeding Awareness
- Addiction Cessation Awareness
- Superstition Eradication
- Effective Implementation of Employment Guarantee Scheme
- Delivering Government Plans to Beneficiaries
- Awareness Gatherings

Vidhayak Sansad – Program Activities or remarkable works furnished under Malnutrition Eradication Program

Workshop on the topic of “Malnutrition” for Union Organization activistsor incumbents

After deciding to begin the work of malnutrition eradication through the medium of the Vidhayak Sansad, a one day work shop was conducted on the subject of malnutrition at Usgaon, Dongri for the office bearers and the workers of the Vidhayak Sansad and the working organization. The following group discussions and presentations were taken in the mentioned topics at this workshop.

- What are the causes of malnutrition found in our society?
- Measures to reduce malnutrition in Pada village.
- What are the government’s plans to eliminate malnutrition?
- What are the measures to utterly eradicate malnutrition?
- What you should do as an organization?
- What are the obstacles in the development of rural areas?

The layout was framed after group discussion on these topics. And, the operational areas of Malnutrition Eradication Program were decided in the workshop. Similarly, free hold level malnutrition eradication committees were selected for effective working of malnutrition eradication program in this workshop.
- Freehold Mokhada – Chairman – Pandurang Malak(10 Mmenbers)
- Freehold Wada – Chairman – Sarita Jadhav (18Members)
- Freehold Jawhar – Chairman – Santosh Dhinda(12 Members)
- Freehold Vikramgad – Chairman – Kailas Tumbda(21 Members)

Similarly, a review meeting of malnutrition eradication committee was held. In this meeting, the sparkling female secretary Sangeeta Bhomate and Health Department’s Coordinator Sunil Warna provided proper and adequate information about malnutrition to the volunteers.

Health Checkup Camp of malnourished Children:-

To justify the occasion of birthday of VidhayakSansad and Shramajeevi Sanghtana’s founder Honourable Vivekbhau, health checkup camp for malnourished children was organized on 23rd August 2014 at Rural Hospital – Mokhada of Mokhada freehold. In the premise of this camp, 375 malnourished children were examined by expert doctors and were medically treated. Children were distributed Glucose biscuit on behalf of this organization.

Training camp for Health Workers:-

The initial training campaigns were organized on 10/02/2015 in Usgaon Dongri and on 25/02/2015 in Vikramgad Organization’s Office for the volunteers selected to work for malnutrition eradication and which had a presence of 7 and 5 respectively. Secretary of Vidhayak Sansad Snehatai Dube and Health Department’s Co-ordinator Sunil Warna guided Health Workers about their form and procedures of work or activities under malnutrition eradication program. Volunteers were distributed stationary required to them. Similarly, volunteers were trained about what is malnutrition, reason of malnutrition, effects of malnutrition on body, symptoms, how to detect malnutrition, measures to reduce malnutrition, preventive measure plans etc.

Training Camp for malnutrition eradication surveyors:-

8 volunteers were elected to perform Malnutrition Eradication Family Survey (Basic Survey) in the selected operational areas for malnutrition eradication. Training campaigns were held for these surveyors on 11/02/2015 in Uagaon Dongri. In this camp, surveyors were explained about all the three forms namely (1) Civic Facilities survey form, (2) Family survey form and (3) Malnutrition related survey form. Health Department’s Co-ordinator Sunil Warna guided these surveyors about how to fill the forms. Also, the above mentioned forms were distributed among the surveyors.

Malnutrition Eradication – Basic Survey:-

The basic survey of family and civic facilities of Malnourished children of grampanchayat Khoch, Gram panchayat Dolhara and gram panchayat Adoshi of Mokhada freehold as well as gram panchayat Pali-Posheri and gram panchayat Palsai of Wada freehold was conducted in which (1) Civic Facilities survey form, (2)Family survey form and (3) Malnutrition related survey form were filled and sample survey of 159 families were conducted.

Public awareness camp for malnutrition eradication:-

Public awareness camps about malnutrition eradication were organized for pregnant women, lactting mothers, adolescent girls and parents of malnourished children on 14/02/2015 in Dolhara (Sakharwadi) and on 19/02/2015 in Adoshi (Mohpada) of freehold Mokhada . 40 and 55 members were respevtively present in these camps.In this campaign, Mahila Thinagi department head Anita Dhangda and Health co-ordinator Sunil Warna guided about malnutrition, diet, health etc. with the help of posters and banners.

Training campaigns for AASHA Workers, Aanganwadi Volunteers, Assistants and mentors:-

A one day training camp was held for the AAASHA workers, Aanganwadi workers, helpers and assistants under the Vidhayak Sansad’s malnutrition eradication programme in the operational area. The camp was officially initiated by garlanding the photographs of kranti jyoti Savitribai Phule and Bharatratna Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar and by lighting the lamp by the honourable chief guests present. The programme began by reciting a prayer written by Sane guruji and also the songs of the organization were sung. The special aspect of the camp at Pali was thatall the women had decorated the hall, temple as well as the surrounding area with flowers, leaves and colourful rangolis.

Following topics were covered in this campaign:

What is malnutrition? Causes of malnutrition, effects of malnutrition on body, symptoms of malnutrition, how to detect malnutrition, measures to reduce malnutrition,preventive measure plans, health and diet of adolescent girl and pregnant women, their time management, measures to protect children from sickness,Indradhanush Plan, what are your own responsibilities as Aanganwadi volunteer, AASHA workers the activities to reduce malnutrition? How should one work for each and every element and what action should be taken? Present people were trained on the topics of white blood, sickle cell, acute diseases.

Details of this campaign are mentioned as follows:

Date Freehold Place Attendees Guide
15/04/2015 Mokhada Dolhara - College 35 Chief Volunteer – N. M. Naik
Coordinator – Sunil Warna
16/04/2015 Jawhar Memon Hall - Jawhar 205 Dr. Marad Sir – Medical Secretary, Kutir Hospital, Jawhar
T. Secretary – Santosh Dhinda
Coordinator – Sunil Warna
Organizer – Pramila Mahale
18/04/2015 Wada SamajMandir - Pali 56 Chief Volunteer – Sangeeta Jadhav
Mentor – Rajni Bond
Coordinator – Sunil Warna
23/04/2015 Vikramgad Primary Health Centre, Kurjhe 40 Mr. Bawekar – C.P.D.O. Vikramgad
Dr. More – M. O. Kurjhe P.H.C.
Mrs. Shinde – Chief Volunteer
Mrs. Waghmare – A. N. M. Kurjhe P.H.C.
T. Secretary – Kailas Tumbda
Coordinator – Sunil Warna

Overall, this training camp was good. This campaign resulted quite helpful in delivering malnutrition eradication work started by the organization to each and every Aanganwadi Volunteers, Assistants, AASHA Workers, and Mentors etc. I feel that this campaign will help in improving the status or level of Aanganwadi. Similarly, I feel that this campaign will be benefitted by the change in lookout or approach of Aanganwadi Workers, Assistants, AASHA Workers etc. Campers were requested to take similar campaigns in other villages too and make people aware of all these.

Result obtained by malnutrition eradication program of Vidhayak Sansad

The malnutrition eradication program was implemented with the help of health workers and the malnutrition eradication freehold committee by Vidhayak Sansad at the 12 gram panchayats in the freeholds of Wada, Vikramgad, Jawhar, Mokhada from February 2014. The health workers were trained at the beginning of the program and were given detailed information about malnutrition and were explained their duties. After that, training camps were conducted at the freehold level for the Aanganwadi workers, assistants, helpers and AAASHA workers from 12 gram panchayats. They were given extensive information about malnutrition and explained their work and their role in this program of malnutrition eradication. They were explained their responsibilities and made to understand how they could help and contribute in this project. After that, awareness camps were held in the operational area of each gram panchayat for pregnant women, lactating mothers, adolescent girls and parents of malnourished children and also other citizens. Information was provided in these camps by experts with the help of posters and banners. Emphasis was given on counseling of the parents of malnourished children and also of pregnant women, lactating mothers and adolescent girls by the health workers. Also the quality of food provided at the Aanganwadi was continually examined. The following results have been observed through the different types of work done under this program.

- Improved the quality of Aanganwadi Food.
- Enhanced the Presence of children.
- Parents started sending their children to Aanganwadi.
- Special health care implemented for malnourished children. Special focus on child care came in existence.
- Pregnant females started getting themselves properly diagnosed time to time.
- Pregnant females were taken to hospitals for delivery now.
- Lactating mothers feed their infants as prescribed as well as started giving light food to the infants at proper age along with lactation.
- Helped in changing the attitude of Aanganwadi workers, assistants, AASHA workers etc.
- Quantity of malnourished children reduced in the locality and resulted in least quantity of child death.
- People started taking care of their individual hygiene.