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Women Empowerment

     Women spark (Mahila Thingi)Today, People are acting so-so in the case of inequality between men and women in reality. Display of Male dominating society system can be experienced all around. Organization’s sister concern firm continuously raise voice for the justified rights against the injustice prevailing with the forlorn such as Tribal people, farmers, Free forced labours, migrant workers etc.  They get their justice by struggling with the owners or landlords nowadays. If it is so then until today amongst the deprived, victim’s, labour’s livelihood only female inequality, justice couldn’t be treated properly. At workplace too, women used to get unequal (less) pay or wage for the equal amount of work that men do and even they get secondary place too. Women seemed to suffer double injustice since generations due to the society system with prevailing exploitation, repression, injustice and atrocity. To change this scenario, Institute for Women Spark has been established to work majorly on the queries of woman with priority for their perspectives by the initiatives of honourable Viddullatatai Pandit.

Objectives of Women Spark in order to avail social, educational, financial rights and justice to women:-

v To organize women by the medium of women’s self-help saving groups.

v To establish Injustice prevention centre at several places which will fight against domestic as well social injustice and atrocity caused to women with the help of women’s sparks activists.

v To provide justice to the women by being active and operative in the cases of injustice and atrocity against women.

v To remain actively participative to avail priority to the queries raised by women union with the help of women’s self-help saving groups and sparks activists.

v To prepare a board of trained and capable volunteers who will work for the women’s issues.

v To work actively to avail equal rights, equal opportunities and equal position to the women in society.


Various activities of Women Spark:-

1)   Self Help Group (Injustice Prevention Centre)

2)   Health Camps :-

§  Hemoglobin test for women and girls.

§  Blood Test

§  Physical Health Examination

·        Diet and Care for Pregnant mothers, Lactating mothers, malnourished children

·        Educating girls about Physical Changes that take place in girls with growing age

·        Physical structure of Female

·        Sexual Education

3)   Awareness Program:-

·        Superstition Eradication Program

·        Prohibition of Alcohol and drug addiction

·        Child Marriage

·        Awareness against oppressive traditions

·        Sanitation Campaign

4) Leadership Development Training Program:-

·        Panchayat Raj

·        Women Rights

·        Place and role in politics

·        Reservation, Division System

·        Domestic Violence Prevention Act

·        Persecution Eradication Act

·        POKSA

·        IPC

·        CRPC

·        Constitution

·        Various Acts for women and children


v Success :-

o   Female Sarpanch is appointed in Thane and Palghar districts.

o   Female corporator in Municipal Corporations

o   Appointment as District Council Members

5) For Destitute Women

o   Filling the forms for various governmental plans, i.e. availing the benefits and advantages by filling forms of Sanjay Gandhi Destitute Plan, Old age and Child nourishment Plan and other such plans.

o   Availing benefits to 2671 females during the year 2013-2014 

o   During the year 2014-2015

Ø Ceremonies of Glory, Power and Celebration :-

·        World Women’s Day :-

o   Women’s meet and fate is organized every year on the event of World Women’s Day.

o   Women and girls working for extraordinary causes and areas are motivated, encouraged and felicitated.

o   Skill Campaigns: - Women have to play and face various roles in their daily life. Skill Campaigns are organized to avail some relax, joy, fun and entertainment to the women out of this stressful life.

o   In this fate females, by the means of games, music, drama etc performs for -

·        Work in group

·        Explained about the importance of unity.

·        Providing information about Female psychology and health, police cases etc.


Ø Women Saving Group: - Saving Groups are created to enable the women of financially and socially weaker sections. By this, women are explained about Saving Group and importance of saving are provided with the help of various training and campaigns.

Ø Work area :- Districts: - Palghar, Thane, Raigad

Ø Success of program :-

Ø During the year 2013-2014; 149 efficient Saving groups were created

Ø During the year 2014-2015


·        For the capability and efficiency of Saving groups :-

·        Explaining the need and creation of saving groups.

·        Explaining importance of saving groups. Profit-loss.

·        Explaining form and financial transaction of saving group.

·        Explaining the concept of inter and intra give and take i.e. credit-debit and returns.

·        Economic Empowerment Program :-

·        Training

·        Sewing Classes

·        Beautician Training

·        Training for making art and craft, handicraft etc.